Nairn Museum Ltd., Fair Work Statement.

The Board of Directors at Nairn Museum is committed to the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First policy. Our employees and volunteers are supported through engagement with the development of the museum, curation of its exhibits and in positive contact with its users. This is delivered through in-house, Regional and National workshops which all

are entitled and encouraged to attend. 

The Board holds regular meetings with the Manager, our sole employee, where ongoing and future developments are discussed openly and all opinions sought. Our employee is made aware of the opportunity to join a Trade Union if wished and this right is recognised and respected by the Board.

Our recruitment process is fair, being broadly advertised via email, newspapers and other relevant media plus through social media.

We offer meaningful work with the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge within our sector. We pay over the Real Living Wage and do not use Zero Hour contracts.

Staff and volunteers are treated with respect and have the responsibilityto treat others similarly.

Our Health and Safety Policy is regularly updated and all staff, volunteers and Board members are aware of its contents, with regular meetings to enforce this.